Cleaning Verification Methodology – Sanitation and Hygiene Software, EMP Software, Pest Control Software

24 August 2023

Once you have established your validation team, the next step is to define and document your cleaning validation methodology.

It defines how you as a company validate cleaning to ensure it meets the required results. Every company operates differently, so the validation methodology should be adapted according to local needs.

This procedure should be an approved document in your overall food safety management systems and prepared by a responsible management team member. We have listed the main issues that must be addressed when preparing your procedures.

  • Objectives and people responsible
  • Cleaning Instructions (SOP)
  • Cleaning chemicals, concentration, solution volume, water quality,
  • Time and temperature
  • Flow, pressure, and rinsing
  • Number of cleaning cycles
  • Description of equipment – make, model, complexity of design
  • Training of operators
  • Equipment used for monitoring (e.g. conductivity meters, pH meters)
  • Sampling procedures (e.g. direct sampling, rinse sampling, process monitoring) and justification for their use
  • Analytical Methods
  • Acceptance criteria (setting specific limits)
  • Revalidation requirements