Lab & Microbiological Control (EMP)

Food safety is of paramount importance in the food industry, and one of the leading causes of foodborne illnesses is the presence of harmful microorganisms in food products. To mitigate these risks and ensure consumer safety, the food industry adheres to both legal and commercial requirements. The challenges of maintaining a high level of food safety while efficiently managing the associated risks have led to the development of advanced solutions like Qualiqo.

Centralized Management

Qualiqo offers a centralized platform where food companies can define their microbiological testing programs according to specific zones. This centralized approach ensures consistency and standardization across the entire food production process.


The software allows the user to configure different types of analysis and to set limit values for the microbiological tests. This level of customization ensures that testing protocols comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


One of the challenges in traditional food safety management is the extensive paperwork required to document and archive microbiological results. Qualiqo addresses this by automatically generating comprehensive reports, which eliminates the need for manual compilation and reduces the risk of errors

Integration with Laboratories

Qualiqo enables seamless integration with external laboratories that conduct microbiological tests. Through a user-friendly web interface, the laboratory can directly upload test results to the system. This integration enhances efficiency and accuracy, as there’s no need for manual data entry.

Enhanced Food Safety

By offering a comprehensive platform for managing microbiological food safety, Qualiqo plays a pivotal role in preventing the occurrence of foodborne illnesses caused by harmful microorganisms.

Efficiency Gains

The automation of reporting and integration with laboratories significantly reduces the administrative burden of managing microbiological testing programs. This frees up resources and time that can be better utilized in other critical aspects of food production.

Regulatory Compliance

Qualiqo ensures that food companies adhere to legal requirements and industry regulations related to microbiological testing and food safety controls.

Data-Driven Insights

The trend analysis feature provides valuable insights into the overall performance of the food safety management system. It facilitates informed decision-making and continuous improvement in food safety protocols.

The Role of Qualiqo

Qualiqo is a sophisticated software solution designed to revolutionize the way food safety controls are implemented and reported. It provides a more effective and streamlined approach to managing microbiological food safety processes, which are essential for upholding the integrity of food products and safeguarding consumer health.

In conclusion, Qualiqo offers a robust solution to the challenges associated with managing microbiological food safety processes. Its features, such as centralized management, automated reporting, and laboratory integration, contribute to safer food products, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency in the food industry.

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