What are the Factors Affecting Success in Food Safety?

25 August 2023

In this article, we will look for the answer to the question What are the Factors Affecting Success in Food Safety? In our previous article, we searched for the answer to the question What is SQF?

As it is known, food safety has gained more importance with the legalization of some measures taken to prevent food-borne problems that may affect human life. However, methods of successfully ensuring food safety have also emerged.

Gıda Güvenliğinde Başarıyı Etkileyen Faktörler Nelerdir?


What are the Factors Affecting Success in Food Safety?

The leaders of the sector, who are trying to be successful in food safety with more than one method, have agreed on some important points. We can simplify the main items of this security system structure, which is divided into more than one sub-branch, as follows


Traceability in food is one of the most important factors in food safety. It is a methodology that emerged to reach the source of the problem by tracing both products and processes in steps backward when undesirable situations arise.

Vertical coordination is essential to meet both quality and food safety standards. This approach is realized through practices known as “from farm to fork” in food safety systems. In terms of traceability, safe food is food that does not carry physical, chemical, and biological risks starting from the primary production stage, from the field to the table, until it reaches the consumer.

Production Process

During crop production, the licensed pesticide recommended for the crop should be used at the appropriate dose, with the appropriate tool and at the appropriate time. For example, there must be sufficient time between spraying and harvesting. In order to ensure traceability, practices such as pesticides used and harvest intervals should also be recorded.

Manufacturing Process

Food safety requirements must also be met for manufactured products. Quality hygiene practices must be applied. Again, records must be kept in order to implement traceability in workplaces. Labels and barcodes should be added to the products for traceability tracking. In addition, if we want to contribute to traceability in this process, if the imported, manufactured or distributed food does not meet food safety requirements, we should withdraw the product from the market and ensure that the relevant authorities are informed.

Storage and Distribution Process

The products produced must be stored under conditions that ensure food safety. Temperature controls should be carried out effectively in storage and distribution processes, especially for high-risk products such as meat, milk, etc.

In the Retail Sales Process

Products that have both production and import permits, are labeled and have not passed their expiry date must be available for sale. In addition, sales conditions must meet minimum technical and hygiene requirements. The necessary rules must be followed during storage, transportation and packaging. In addition, for products that require cold storage, the relevant hygiene rules must be followed in the necessary equipment. In addition, maintenance cards should be created for tools and equipment used in these processes.