How to Establish a Food Safety System?

25 August 2023

In this article, we will look for the answer to the question of How to Establish a Food Safety System. In the previous article, we looked for an answer to the question What are the Factors Affecting Success in Food Safety?

As it is known, food safety has become important in every corner of the world. Especially during the pandemic, we have seen that personal hygiene and hygiene in food have been the subject of many discussions. We think that this article, which will be a guide for companies that see and feel this situation personally, will be useful to you.

Gıda Güvenliği Sistemi Nasıl Kurulur?

How to Establish a Food Safety System?

Operational Pre-requisite Programs

HACCP system is used in some food safety systems to realize food safety. Therefore, in order to fully realize the HACCP plan, some operational prerequisite programs must also be implemented. Normally, these programs do not have a direct say in the control of production. However, they are basic applications that contribute to the control of factors affecting food.

Training Process

All personnel who may have an impact on product safety should receive training on personal hygiene, GMP, cleaning and sanitation procedures, personal safety and their role in HACCP programs.

Personal Hygiene Process

All personnel who may affect product safety and all persons entering the production areas of these products must comply with personal hygiene rules.

Cleaning and Sanitation Process

All cleaning guidelines for equipment and tools should be established and followed. Sanitation tracking forms should also be available.

Construction Process of Buildings and Structures

The location of the establishment needs to be set up, constructed and maintained according to sanitary design principles. To minimize cross-contamination, it is important to have a linear flow of product and traffic control.

Process of Creating Production Equipment Flow / Layout

All equipment must be purchased and installed according to sanitary design principles. In addition to this, preventive maintenance and maintenance cards should also be checked for each equipment. You can use our Repairist Maintenance Management System software for these operations.

Provision of Basic Inputs such as Water, Air and Energy

The provision of these essential items and their waste must be managed to meet hygiene and legal requirements. This process must be done before other processes start. In other words, it should be solved at the beginning of the work.

Raw Material Procurement, Storage and Distribution Processes

All substances and products must be stored at points where environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can be maintained under sanitary conditions in order to comply with food safety standards, and requirements such as temperature, humidity and packaging type appropriate to the standards of these substances and products must be met.

Process of Defining Characteristics

For all food ingredients, products and packaging materials, the properties, i.e. the product specification, need to be well documented. Aybit ARI allows you to define the properties in your system and store them securely in a paperless environment.

Chemical Control Processes

Facilities should purchase and encourage the use of food-grade chemicals. Examples of these chemicals include cleaning agents, pesticides and fumigants.

Manufacturer Control Process

The producer must provide confidence to every environment that processes are within effective GMP and food safety programs. This includes an ongoing manufacturer guarantee and a guarantee of manufacturer HACCP system verification.

Traceability and Recall Process

All substances and products must be pre-coded into the system. Because fast and accurate monitoring and recall procedures should be applied to these products when necessary. You can ensure traceability in these processes with Aybit ARI.

Pest Controls

Pest controls should be particularly effective in these processes.

All these operational prerequisite programs should be supported by practices such as GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GHP (Good Hygiene Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GVP (Good Veterinary Practices), GDP (Good Distribution Practices)

In this article, we have information about the Food Safety System. We hope this information will be useful.