What is SQF?

25 August 2023

In this article, we will look for the answer to the question What is SQF? What is the SQF Certificate, what does the SQF program cover and what are its benefits? In the previous article, we got information about What is GFSI?

What is SQF?

SQF is a document that proves that businesses produce food products with the highest possible standards and that they are realized, processed, prepared and processes are managed correctly. Different organizations are offering this certificate in Turkey.

While the SQF is designed as a food safety program, it also covers product quality, which is a level 3 quality.

SQF Document

The SQF Certificate is the solution for a seamless food safety and quality certification process from raw materials to the table, recognized by GFSI. It also allows the supply chain to be managed, both in terms of manufacturing, i.e. SQF 1000, and food manufacturing distribution, SQF 2000.

SQF 1000 System

The SQF 1000 system includes the SQF 1000 code and related instructions and documents. The food safety and quality network used by the first manufacturer is designed to comply with the requirements of HACCP, the quality assurance code for suppliers.

SQF 2000 System

The SQF 2000 system is a rigorous and internationally recognized food safety management network. The SQF 2000 certification process and SQF seminars provide the opportunity for continuous improvement in food production, shipment and business operations.

Benefits of the SQF Certificate

  • Strengthens food safety management and network
  • Guarantees safe food production and sale
  • Increases belief in customer and consumer trust
  • Improves brand and company image
  • Supporting elements during auditing operations
  • Develops both market and customer targets

SQF Certificate Basics

SQF certification is based on the following items

  • Food Safety Basics
  • Certified HACCP Food Safety Coordinators
  • Quality Management Systems and Comprehensive Food Safety

In this article, we looked for an answer to the question of what is SQF and we have seen the benefits and basics of certification along with the question of what is SQF.