Guide to Trust in the Supply Chain

25 August 2023


To increase the awareness of all food operators in the supply chain in the development of a “Food Hygiene and Reliability Culture” with the return to normal after the pandemic, to guide the selection of suppliers by the quality and reliability criteria in food, food contact materials, food-related services, and cleaning and disinfection chemicals, and to eliminate consumers’ doubts about the quality and reliability of foods served at out-of-home consumption points (such as restaurants, hotels, buffets, cafes).


This guideline provides information on food, food contact materials, food-related services, and cleaning and disinfection products in the food supply chain and the suppliers and distribution processes of these products. If the suppliers producing and distributing these products have one of the Food Safety Management System certificates accepted by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) or ISO 22000, and if the measures/protocols to be taken in crisis and emergencies (Covid-19 etc.) have been prepared by GGD on a sector basis (Food Production Facilities, For Mass Consumption Places, Shopping Malls, Logistics and Points of Sale), if it undertakes to apply it as specified in the “Guide for Combating COVID-19 and Hygiene” documents or if it has TSE’s Safe Production Certificate, it is considered to fully meet the requirements of this guide.

Target Audience

Supply Chain

To initiate a differentiation movement in the sector in the process of returning to normalcy, it aims to guide the sector based on preventive activities and to improve the “Food Hygiene and Reliability Culture” and awareness of all food operators engaged in production, sales, distribution and storage activities in the supply chain.


To guide and raise awareness about the importance of selecting and working with suppliers with proven safety in the Supply Chain for the Out-of-Home Consumption/Horeca sector (restaurants, hotels, buffets, cafes, etc.) and to create infrastructure to ensure the traceability of products digitally, if possible.


Active information and communication efforts to rebuild consumer trust and support consumers by demonstrating the measures taken by businesses (logos, etc.) and by ensuring that products can be traced digitally if possible (apps, etc.).

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Qualiqo – Hygiene and Sanitation Software allows you to monitor and control your processes such as personnel hygiene, factory environment, cleaning and disinfection, product contamination control, pest control, pest control, and chemical control under the heading of good manufacturing practices, which is the subject of the Trust in Supply Chain Guide.